The Mosaic of Human Community:
Out of the African Diaspora to Evanston, Illinois

At the request of several members of the Evanston community, the Center for the Church and the Black Experience at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary, the Herskovits Library Northwestern University, and numerous African American churches and organizations have once again worked collaboratively to produce a community project entitled, “Out of the African Diaspora to Evanston, Illinois: A Mosaic of Human Community.” This project was created in recognition of the 2019 Black History Month and builds upon the project that was originally created in 2018. The project aims to educate and inform the Evanston community, particularly youth and young adults, on Black history.

Using the Stations of the Cross to situate the history of Black Americans, participants will experience Black history from precolonial Africa to the present day. Through various productions and representations—historical texts, art, photographs, artifacts, teaching, preaching, Bible study, and Scriptures—participants will explore and discuss key historical moments and movements in Black history. Ultimately bringing attention to the ways that these histories relate to Black Evanston/ Northshore, this 2019 community project will shed new light on “living” history in the present-day, a pursuit relevant for youth and seasoned, alike.

The Design Team for this project are Evanston-based academics and scholars, pastors, professionals, community organizers, musicians, artists, and seminarians. This project aims to:

  • Find, develop, and deepen leaders
  • Educate and reeducate the Evanston community, particularly the youth, on Black history
  • Build productive relationships and collective power between Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary, Northwestern University, Evanston churches, and councils interested in the thriving of black people

All in the Evanston community are welcome to attend any or all of these events at no cost.